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Ordering Information

August 19th, 2017

Ordering Information

13 August 2017

Some people might like to order original images directly from me. The advantages are these: I print on twenty-four-inch-wide Epson Exhibition satin-finish canvas, using an Epson P6000 printer. My images are stretched and twice top-coated with clear lacquer for protection, and they are individually signed and numbered in limited editions of just twenty-five. They are carefully packed in individual boxes (up to 2 images per box) and shipped via FedEx or UPS. A certificate of authenticity is available on request from each buyer. All work is done by me, though special; requests for prints larger than twenty inches on the shot side will have to be outsourced.

But - my vast and faithful audience might like to know where else to find sales sites for reprints of my work. Here are some places:

Introducing Myself

August 14th, 2017

Introducing Myself

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a fine digital art photographer. (Granted, I may not be a fine photographer.) I start with digital camera images and manipulate them in Photoshop CS6 as my fancy dictates. The results are sometimes surprising and sometimes interesting. Occasionally, they are both.

I think of my work as fine art rather than as traditional photography, and hence I call it Digital Fine Art. Images are edited, sometimes heavily, in Photoshop© CS6 Extended or in On1© Camera RAW to achieve effects that I can not obtain with straight photography; I believe in fact that there is no such thing as an unedited image. Ansel Adams used previsualization before tripping a shutter, and his darkroom work highly manipulated his images to obtain the previsualized effect. I am sure that if Adams were working today he would be a Photoshop user. I know and am impressed by Jerry Uelsmann's imagination. Although he works in a wet darkroom, I'd be happy to produce work as strikingly original as his.

For pieces up to 20 by 30 inches I do all my own work, principally using Epson© Exhibition satin-finish canvas on an Epson P6000 printer. Printing of larger special orders are locally outsourced.

Here's a thumbnail biosketch:


Ongoing monthly or longer group shows at Pinellas Park Art Society, Pinellas Park FL; Stirling Galleries in Dunedin, FL; The Exhibiting Society pf Atrists, Safety Harbor, FL, where I am a member of the board;
City of South Pasadena, FL Annual Show
Group Exhibits at Sun Tan Art in Pass-a-Grille, FL
Two one-man shows at Sun Tan Art in Pass-a-Grille, FL
Group Shows in St Petersburg with St Petersburg Photographic Arts Society
Group shows at ASPEC, the Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College, ST Petersburg, FL.


7 in 2017 alone


PPAS Pinellas Park Art Society
TESA The Exhibiting Society of Artists
Sun Tan Art
Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College (ASPEC)
Society of Sigma Xi Emeritus Menber

Sales site: Welborne Fine Art -- please visit!

I hope to update this blog regularly with interesting matters. See you!

Themes and Stories

August 13th, 2017

Themes and Stories

13 August, 2017

Jennifer Schwartz in Atlanta wrote an interesting booklet titled Crusade for your Art: Best Practices for Fine Art Photographers. It’s available from Amazon and other places. She owned a gallery in Atlanta for five years, she says, but gave it up. The economics for brick-and-mortar galleries is grim and getting grimmer in light of competition from the internet.

While the book is an interesting and very useful read, she undermines her own first best practice very quickly. She promotes the idea that a photographer should work to produce series of works that have a common theme and tell a story, saying that’s what gallery owners want. A more shotgun approach of unrelated photos displayed with the idea that there will be something for everyone will often result in there being nothing for anyone. So we should work with expandable themes because gallery owners want this, but, on the other hand, galleries are becoming passé. Oh well - life without paradox is life unexamined.

A couple of years ago I had an open house here at home to which twenty-four people came, and I sold seven pieces. My works were not organized into themes, although I do have a few, in retrospect, and I am beginning to think in thematic terms. Story telling isn’t a strong point of mine, though.

I have a URL,, that I promptly as widely as I can. Currently it points here to my custom web site, Welborne sounds maybe a little pretentious, but there's a small story there. My given name, Eugene, is based on two Greek words that together mean well-born. That was my mother's hope for me. So far, it hasn't amounted to much. So I have a URL,, that also points to my Fine Art America sales site. Sales? Well, I’m not ready to give up my day job, which is retirement, for it.